The first wholesale supermarket of Cambodia will open by the end of the year


A groundbreaking took place on Mong Rithy Street, Corner Road 1003 at Khan Sen Sok, surrounded by a group of workers and engineers, still actively working. This new construction site will soon be home to the first  wholesale supermarket in the country, known as Makro.

According to Cambonomis, Makro supermarket will be built on an area of approximately 5 hectares with a height of 2 floors. It will be located in Sen Sok district, near Aeon Mall 2 (AEON), Japan supermarket.The upcoming supermarket is a joint venture between the company, LYP Group, which owns 30 percent., And CP Group owns 70 percent. This project will employ over 200 employees, working for the rising shopping mall.

The local media have reported that yesterday's (29th of May) groundbreaking ceremony, the Mayor of Phnom Penh Mr Pa Socheatvong said "The establishment of supermarkets are within the government’s project. It's good to know when we have an upcoming wholesale supermarket so that the selling price of goods will not changing too fast, avoiding inflation"

Makro is set to be the largest warehouse shop in the Kingdom which will bring Thai products to local consumers.

In the past years Cambodia has seen many international projects of shopping centers coming into the market; and after the Japanese investments of AEON Mall and AEON Mall 2, it is now the turn of the Thai CP Group. Let’s wait and see who will step in next!

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