Amleang, Thpong, Kampong Speu

For sale

11,000Ha land ,450H land and Various sizes for Contract farming & Co-Operation & Starch Factory in Amleang & Aoral, Kampong Speu

1- 11,000ha matured land, looking for partner cooperation and contract farming. Land can use for:

Planting cassava, palm oil, coffee tree etc.. Animal farm such as: chicken farm, duck farm, goat farm …etc.

- Can co-operate from 500ha – 3,000ha land, Can divide into different group of investors.

2- 450h matured land for sale & Partner cooperation.

Items included for sale:

- Dryer tower 300Ton

- Warehouse

- Office building

- Mechanic room

- Diesel room

- Store room

- Shutter area

- Villa

- Cold room

- Worker quarter

3- 11,000ha Cassava Plantation Farm Land, Looking for Joint-Cooperation Partner for Cassava Starch Processing Factory:

- One day can produce 120tons of cassava starch.

- Location: Amleang Commune, Tpoung District, Kompong Speu Province, around 100km from Phnom Penh, for more information and details please contact us as below:

(855)17 669 302

(855) 97 773 7335

(855) 23 99 50 50

Project Overview