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Angkor Chey, Kampot

Amber Kampot

We are currently looking for investors for our Amber Kampot project. The ideal investor is one who supports our underpinning philosophy and goals and is seeking an exciting, exclusive investment opportunity. This unique opportunity provides investors with privileged access to one of the most spectacular corners of the planet, along with an attractive expected financial return.

Amber Kampot is strategically located in an area of imminent high growth, allowing for an enticing investment opportunity with great potential for both short- and long-term financial return.

Kampot is currently a hot spot for tourism activity in Cambodia. It has been identified by the Cambodian government as an area of prioritized investment under its Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012–2020. It is expected that the Kampot province will receive more than 1.9 million tourists in 2019 alone, bringing approximately $13 million in international tourism receipts to the area.

Sihanoukville, the nearest airport to Kampot, welcomed some 338,000 visitors in 2017 (a 115% increase on 2016) and is equipped to welcome 1 Million visitors annually. It currently serves 10 airlines and the number of international flights available is increasing annually. Meanwhile, the Kampot Seaport is expected to complete its construction by 2019, bringing a further 442,000 domestic and international tourists to the area by 2022.

Currently, the area is severely underserved when it comes to resorts offering the level of high-end luxury offered by Amber Kampot. While there is an estimated demand for 200+ luxury rooms in the area (i.e. accommodation costing US$150+ per night), there are currently only 55 of such rooms currently available in Kampot across three luxury resorts.

This considerable (and growing) gap in supply and demand allows Amber Kampot a unique opportunity for high levels of profitability, both in the short- and long-term.

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Kampot in Cambodia’s southwest has long been one of the most fascinating places to visit in the Kingdom. This sleepy river town is known for its relaxed vibe. Some speculate that…

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Amber Kampot

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