Chumpu Voan, Chum Kiri, Kampot

For sale

Preview agriculture land for sale

Vacant agriculture land plot in a good location close to National Road No. 41, called Ang doung road, is new road from kampot link to National road No.o4

—The site is well suited for field development with wide road in front on the southern to Taken koh sla commune.

—The site has good access with a 5m wide road drive from national road No.41

—Land area has been landscaped .

—Approximately 3 Km from National road No.41 or 5 min drive by car..

Property Name Agriculture Land for Sale

Property Type Land

Transaction For Sale

Location Chum pu voan, Chum kiri, kampot province

Price 4,500 per H/A

Type of Unit Size 45 H/A

Contact Bena mao

Senior Research Analyst real estate

+ 855 71 9 269 296


Po neang

Research analyst

+855 97 8009464


Project Overview