Land for Sale in Haong Samnam

Haong Samnam, Aoral, Kampong Speu

Sale price$756,000
168Floor Area (m²)
168Land Area (m²)

Land for sale in Kampong Speu

Located in Aoral, Kampong Speu

Size: 168 hectares

1 hectare=4000$


Soft title but can be transferred into Hard title

2 km in from the main road


This is a nice land for sale that locates in Aoral, Kampong Speu, the land is 2 km in from the main road, surrounding the land are markets, and schools, which can easily attract people to visit your land; furthermore there are mountains too, which will bring you a natural feeling. You can do many things with this land, and whatever you do it will always run smoothly. For example: if you start a farm, there will be many people coming to maek a stop and visit the farm, and since the land has good soil for farming accompanied with the safetyness of the land it makes the land perfect.