-, Phnum Proek, -, Battambang
-, Phnum Proek, -, Battambang

-, Phnum Proek, -, Battambang

AGRICULTURE LAND FOR SALE with Agricultural Secto

I am Nisay, I am very interesting with your company in Agriculture Sector and

Agribusiness in Cambodia.

First, I am very happy to meet you, I would like to introduce myself,

My name Nisay, Living Phnom Penh,Cambodia.

I am a owner of agriculture lands in Cambodia, and now I am looking

for the agribusiness partners in local for agricultural sector in

Cambodia. I mean that I have lands for agricultural sector in Cambodia.

So,now I am looking for agribusiness partner in Agricultural Sector

with me and be cooperation on my lands and be your good staff in your

company...and I have also a car Lexus RX300 for my traveling,

Internet(Wi -Fi) Accessing, Anywhere,7days/ week, 24 hrs/day and 24

provinces as well.

My lands will available for your agriculture as bellow:

-Kampong Speu province (80 ha), Agriculture lands for planting with

Rice,Beans, Cassava,Tapioca,....

-Battambang Province(Phnom Prek) : (1,000 ha-2,000 ha ), Agriculture

lands for planting , *Yellow Corns,Maize*,Cassava,Tapioca,


My Duties in Your Company:

-Checking on quality of land preparation, planting,fertilization,pest

management and water irrigation according to set procedure and guidance.

-Monitoring on progress of farm land to ensure that ll activities are done

properly according to schedule in plantation master plan.

-Checking with farm managers and farmers to ensure that all activities will

be done according to company policy and procedure.

-Checking on progress against plantation action plan.

-Daily checking on man-power use within farm department.

-Monitoring on man-power uses , working hour to ensure maximum efficiency

of am operation.

-Checking on the use of farm input such as:

Fertilizers,Diesel,Herbicide,Insecticide to ensure that department use

those input according to company procedure.

-Certify on each plantation black for Land preparation,Planting

,Fertilization,Pest Management and Water irrigation based on agreed

standard forms and criteria from management team.

- Make daily report to Quality Manager on certified blacks and other issues

which farm department haven't follow company procedure.

My Working Skills:

-Managing and Strong Cooperation in Corn plantation with farmers.

-Competence in coordination and communication cross-department and cultural.

-Able to prepare collect data and analyze effectively.

-High commitment in field working

-Hard Working


-Willing to the provinces and staying.

- I can speaks in Khmer,English,and Chinese ( a little bit ) .

For more details about me, Please kindly to contact my via : 012 920

876 // 016 32 56 76 // 097 8066 001

Thanks and Regards,



Thanks so much for your mail reply to me.

I will responding to you in shortly.

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