Land for Sale in Prey Veaeng

Prey Veaeng, Dangkao, Phnom Penh

For sale$24,000$248/m²

Prey Sar Land near Dangkor Mall 2 minutes from Chamkadong Market

Welcome to Prey Sar Land, 2 minutes from Dangkor Mall Market, 7 minutes from Chamkar Dong Market, near many big cities, water supply, state, standard drainage system, next to road 40m to Aeon 3, next to road 16m to Dangkor Mall, size 4.5 * 21.5 / 4.5 * 23/9 * 21.5 / 9 * 23 Price 24000 You only have $ 5,000 to build immediately and interest free installments as much as possible until you have a detailed plan, please contact

Property Overview