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At realestate.com.kh, we want to offer our website users the best property shopping experience possible. We know that it’s not fun when you inquire for a property that is no longer available or has been misrepresented by the seller in the online listing. We also know that it is a headache when the agent takes to to a different property that the one that you inquired on.

To guarantee that a property is accurately represented on our website and is available to view right away, we have created the Realestate.com.kh certified listings system. By selecting a certified listing, you can be sure that you are working with a trustworthy agent or seller, with a property that is just as you expect when you view the listing.


What is a certified listing?

A certified listing is a listing for a property for which the Realestate.com.kh team has physically inspected on behalf of the seller. The seller calls us and tells us that they want to create a certified listing for their property. When we are at the property, we create a detailed walkthrough video that we can then upload onto the online listing on Realestate.com.kh. In this video you can get a very clear idea of the property layout and the condition of that property at that point in time. After the video is on the listing, and the agent has been verified, we can now call this listing certified.


What is the benefit of a certified listing for property seekers?

  • The property is available now - because the agent or seller has granted Realestate.com.kh access to the property to make the video listings. Certified listings only last for 1 month.

  • The seller knows the owner, and is able to sell the property.

  • The video of the property allows a perfect view of the entire property, and a clear picture of its condition.


What is the benefit of a certified listing for a real estate agent or private seller?

  • Realestate.com.kh will automatically prefer certified listings, and these listings will rise to the top of search results for related searches.

  • Certified listings generate 350% more inquiries than standard listings.

  • Certified listings grow trust with potential buyers and renters.

  • Video listings are popular with property seekers and will generate more interest in your listing.


How can I get a certified listing to sell my property?

  • Just call or email our team and let us know the properties that you would like to create certified listings for.

  • We will set a time to visit the property with you and create the certified listings.

  • Certified listings will also come with an upgrade package, making sure your new listings gets great exposure to potential buyers on our website.


If you wish to know more about our certified listings, or order certified listing creation for yourself or your agency, please contact us at info@realestate.com.kh

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