Apartment For Sale? How to sell it Faster!

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:42 p.m.


Analyze these tips and tricks to understand to how your apartment for sale will fare on the open market...

When you've chosen to put your apartment for sale, get your action plan in place to make it sell in the time frame you are most happy with. 

So what is your strategy?

Other than getting a psychic's prediction, there are some real-world approaches to make a genuinely useful forecast of how quick your apartment for sale will in-fact sell.

1. The price of the apartment for sale:

The easiest approach to foreseeing how quick your apartment will sell is by indexing the sale price.

Do you need to sell it immediately? Price it at, or underneath, market value. Find the market value by taking into account what equivalent homes in the zone are asking. A good quality valuation is your next step, and many local agencies specialize in this task. 

If you don't need to sell in a hurry, price higher and let the buyer show you they want it.

On the off chance that your price is too high, individuals looking at a lower cost may miss your apartment for sale listing - especially if they are searching according to price criteria on Realestate.com.kh. Meanwhile, your apartment sits in a price range with homes that are most likely more alluring than yours, based on condition, size, or location.

But this is no problem - just lower your price as you become more willing to sell. But try to push the market first if you are not desperate, rather than the buyers pushing you. 

2. Your eagerness to negotiate:

If you are not considering accepting less than your full asking price, anticipate that your home will sit unsold longer than others in your general area. So be flexible when a genuine buyer arrives at the door to look at your apartment for sale, because hesitance to negotiate is the second reason your home will remain on the market for longer than you wanted. Here are some handy real estate negotiation tips which will help you get the most out of any contract. 

3. The photos of  your apartment for sale:

Need your home to sell quick? Other than making your apartment look all spiffy on the outside and arranging it inside, get it photographed by a professional photographer. Having great photos of your home will guarantee you many more inquiries on your online listing. 

4. A good agent:

It's imperative to pick an agent with experience selling the sort of home you have, and one who's acquainted with the region in which you are trying to put your apartment for sale up. The right real estate agent can have an enormous effect on the speed it takes to sell a home. A good agent knows how to prepare your apartment for sale and will be great at marketing it on your behalf.

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