Khan Sen Sok, more specifically in Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, is the location of the Aeon Mall 2. It can be seen in an area in Phnom Penh that contains major roads such as the Prek Pnov Bridge, the Angkor Boulevard, the Russian Federation Boulevard, the Phnom Penh Friendship Boulevard, the Trung Morn Street, National Highway No. 5, and Street 2004. Amenities and other important establishments can also be traced back to this area. These include agencies, embassies, universities, hospitals, ministries, restaurants, schools, hotels, bars, fitness centers, and spas. And even from the beginning of its construction all the way after its completion, Aeon Mall 2 has been a major contributor to the district’s value for the economy and has enhanced the area’s retail property space. Future and current projects near Aeon Mall 2 can be considered great indicators that there is developer confidence in the area surrounding it. If you’re considering a condo for rent in Aeon Mall 2, then it will definitely come with convenience in terms of accessibility to the various businesses. And more than being just a retail space, Aeon Mall 2 is also in close proximity to markets and other tourist attractions such as the the Prek Pnov Pagoda, the Wat Sovanni Monivong, the Sok Market, the Khmuonh Pagoda, the Sen Sok Pagoda, the Angkor Phnom Penh City Park, and the Wat Samrong Andeth.

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Condo for Rent in Aeon Mall 2

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