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1 Bed, 1 Bath Condo for Sale in UK Plaza

UK Plaza

Sale price$59,300
33Floor Area (m²)
7Floor Level

UK Condo 548: Unit One Bedroom for Sale

Unit One Bedroom Size: 33sqm

Price: $59300

In the bedroom, all aspects of comfort combine to create an experience beyond words. Everything is designed to fit in its place. The bathroom is private and functional. It is decked out with smartly designed appliances to make you feel right at home. Beside, there’s a kitchen that is spacious and streamlined. It’s perfect for weekday dinners or cooking up your favorite dish for family and friends. A dining area can be your place for studying, meals, or simply relaxing after work. The living area flows seamlessly from its surroundings and will be your oasis. It comes standard with a TV, sofa, chair and calm lighting. From the balcony you can take in the fresh air, sit with a cup of coffee or relax on the weekends.