133 Floor "Thai Boon Roong Twin Trade Center" gets go ahead, Phnom Penh

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:15 p.m.

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction recently came to an agreement with Oknha Khov Sambath, a representative of Thai Boon Roong Group, in cooperation with a Chinese Construction company, to approve plans for a 133 storey twin tower project. phnom-penh-general-info The project shall equal around 500 square meters of new property for the high rise market in Phnom Penh, and will be located in Sangkat Chaktomuk, Khan Duan Penh, Phnom Penh.  The high-rise will be named the “Thai Boon Roong Twin Trade Center” and is set to be developed on 5 hectares of land in Duan Penh. It is slated to become the tallest building in Asia, located next to the Dreamland amusement park, and in front Naga World.
Mr. Loth Seng, representative of the Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction, announced the 133 storey Thai Boon Roong Twin Trade Center project is totally approved for construction and already passed on to the City Hall for their final seal. The twin tower project is the subject of around $1000 million investment. Loth Seng added that this huge development indicates confidence in economic stability and real-estate investment in Cambodia. This new development will continue to attract new investors into the Kingdom in the future.   The construction proposal is currently awaiting City Hall approval and it will be sent back to the Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction to make final announcements of the construction date shortly. The Thai Boon Roong Twin Trade Center project is said to begin in 2016 - and be completed in the next 3 years.footernews

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