Wealth Mansion offers a dream home nourished by the Tonle Sap River
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:01 p.m.
Published on: January 10, 2020, 8:55 a.m.

Wealth Mansion offers a dream home nourished by the Tonle Sap River

(The two bridges connecting Chroy Changvar and Phnom Penh city centre/ Seiha Phorn) 

A river is the lifeblood of human society.  A city with a flowing waterway is more likely evocative and distinguished. For instance, Shanghai has the Huangpu or Phnom Penh has the Tonle Sap.

Chroy Changvar district, a peninsula lies in the northeast of Phnom Penh and parallels the heart of the downtown. It is like an oasis hemmed by the Tonle Sap and the Mekong River 

The district is currently reachable by the Cambodia-China Friendship Bridge and Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge. An underway regional plan consisting of efforts of ecological conservation will surely make the peninsula district a unique home to content souls.

Looking back to what has transpired in Chroy Changva, which has been growing from a piece of wetland, the remarkable transformation of the district resembles the Lujiazui area in Shanghai city, an international financial hub across the river in China.

Indeed, Chroy Changvar district has become one of the fastest-developing areas of Phnom Penh, alongside Sen Sok, Toul Kork and Meanchey district. Compared to other new-rising, Chroy Changvar district is the one with more strategic advantages. Firstly, it has a large amount of undeveloped land and the price is rather lower than the others. And secondly, it has easy access to the city. Thirdly the natural landscape is most alluring and ecologically pleasant. Fundamentally, the urban plans and high-standard municipal facilities progressing in the region are very positive and forward-looking.

The stunning of Chroy Changvar  

Chroy Changvar is home to some of the most significant landmarks, institutions and facilities including:  the local five-star hotel - Sokha Hotel, the first theme zoo - Phnom Penh Safari, the first Asia’s top entertainment and the largest waterpark destination - Garden City Water Park, the largest stadium for the Southeast Asian Games 2023, the modern mega shopping malls like the Marko and AEON Mall, the Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh, Norton University and more…

Simply Chroy Changvar is the upcoming destination of attractions and selected residential hub with a lot of new developments are currently happening there such as Wealth Mansion.  

About Wealth Mansion 

Wealth Mansion is a waterfront luxury condominium developed by a China-based developer. This project is expected to become a very valuable property like those in Shanghai's Pudong district. 

The construction of the Wealth Mansion has started in June 2019. The project occupies the riverside scenic line of Chroy Changvar district of Phnom Penh. This 45 storey building has a height of 166 meters sitting in an area with a well-connected traffic network including the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge. It is close to the new City Hall and the Southeast Asian Games venues. Boeung Kak district, Wat Phnom, the Riverside and other attractions are within the good view of the project. 

The Wealth Mansion with melded benefits of investment and residence is the confident debut of Everhealth International Investment Development Co., Ltd., who invited Rixing Design, a designer of national pavilions of the World Expo, to work on the innovative architecture. The contractor is China Construction Third Bureau, a state-owned enterprise. All the teams involved will dedicate to ensure the smooth progress of the project supported by capital strength, technical capabilities and quality control.

The design of the Wealth Mansion absorbs elements unique to the Chroy Changvar peninsula, such as the pleasant ambiance and the well-preserved ecology. For instance, the architect has made good use of natural ventilation and lighting. With the layout of layer and facade greenery,  water features, central gardens on each floor, and open corridors, the building is set to be a comfortable dwelling on minimum energy consumption, thanks to the creation of an independent three-dimensional ecology.

Wealth Mansion's smart floor plan enables each dweller to have unique life experience for its reasonable layout, aesthetic design and practical functions. The two-bedroom apartment units' design focuses on bedrooms, kitchens and balconies. The master bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom. Residents can enjoy a more delicate family living atmosphere. Each apartment is fully furnished with modern equipment, appliances, and calm lighting, which means you can immediately move in after the handover.

ONYX Hospitality Group based in Thailand has signed a contract with Wealth Mansion’s developer to operate the first five-star apartment hotel in this district.

The Wealth Mansion also has a ‘worry-free’ service package for its home-buyers, which allows owners to check on the lease, maintenance and rental fee collection of their properties in a timely manner.

The project offers some of the best first-class facilities for residents to enjoy. Everything is reachable within the doorstep including its state-of-the-art fitness center, stylish spa and a 1,000 sqm infinity sky pool.  It also features a large parking area with 830 parking spaces that make you feel particularly convenient to get in and out.


Other services will also be available in this building including restaurants and cafes to help make your everyday life even more convenient. On top of that, it also has a conference and multi-function room that allows you to organise meetings so you can literally step out and be right at the meeting place.  

And besides, the well-equipped lounges, 24-hour security and cleaning service will be also provided to give you a truly modern lifestyle. 

The Wealth Mansion consists of 1184 units in total. The starting price is $2,200 per sqm. It is set to be handed over by the end of 2021. The developer provides a 2-year guarantee of a rental return, and a property operation and management carried out by the five-star hotel.

With a prime location and ambitious planning, Wealth Mansion is a perfect option for a comfortable, luxurious dream home as well as property appreciation and rental returns investment that you cannot miss. 

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