New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort: Another top-tier development in Sihanoukville

Sept. 20, 2018, 10:56 a.m.

The Kingdom of Cambodia has enjoyed a rapid growth in tourism, trade and GDP, thanks to long running political stability, infrastructural developments and strategic international alliances.

Cambodia is a Buddhist nation with over fifteen million people, famous for their infectious smiles, and their respectful and welcoming nature.

The country itself presents some of the most unbeatable natural surroundings, temples and religious relics, French Colonial architecture, as well as some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and islands in the region.

Phnom Penh is home to almost 2 million people and hub to multi million dollars investment.

Aside from the capital city, Sihanoukville has emerged as an important trade and tourism hub.

It is home to Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, Cambodia’s sole deepwater seaport and an important trade gateway to other parts of Asia and beyond.

Sihanoukville is also a home to the third largest international airport in Cambodia and is experiencing more than 200 percent  year on year growth in passenger arrivals.

Sihanoukville is host to some of the country’s largest special economic zones, including Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone.

Labelled the next “Tiger” Economy of Asia by the Asian Development Bank, Cambodia’s economy is driven by four main industries; Manufacturing, Agriculture, Real Estate & Tourism.

The country’s economy has been growing by an average of 7% each year since 2011.

The construction industry is one of the key drivers of the economy, accounting for a substantial portion of its annual GDP. Billions of dollars were invested into the industry, with China, Korea and Japan the leading foreign investors.

With the rapid development and importance of the coastal region of Sihanoukville, investors are starting to enjoy some early-mover opportunities in Cambodia’s prime beachside city.

The New York Times rated the beaches of Sihanoukville number 13 in its top 52 places to visit in 2018.

In 2017 alone, Sihanoukville saw over one and a half million tourists.

Independence Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, and Otres Beach are some of the most famous beaches in Sihanoukville.

New Nordic, one of Thailand's most renowned property developers, has likened Sihanoukville to Pattaya 10 years ago, and recently entered the Cambodia market with a four star hotel investment project.

The New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort is leading the market in satisfying demand for more hotel rooms to cater to the booming tourism industry.

Established in 2009, New Nordic is one of the top developers of condominiums, villas, hotels, and apartments in South East Asia.

New Nordic operates more than 1,000 rooms and associated facilities across the Mekong region. Phuket Water World and New Nordic Residence, both in Thailand, are just a few of its iconic developments.

Under the expert management and guidance of Founder and CEO Kurt Svendheim, New Nordic has grown their property portfolio quickly in the last decade. New Nordic have expanded its global operations in Norway, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and now, Cambodia.

New Nordic has its own construction, property management and service staff divisions; providing world-class end to end development services.

It also operates its own tour company, with offices and agents in many parts of the world. This operation supports their investors’ rental returns, and takes care of occupants and guests’ accommodations, bookings, transport, travel arrangements, and other travel needs.

For nearly 10 years since its founding, buyers of New Nordic properties have benefited from a one-of-a-kind and secure investment program that see them accruing at least 9% return up to 20 years.

The New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort of Cambodia follows this tried and tested strategy.

New Nordic offers buyers several investment options that allow them to reap returns while ceding property management and maintenance to the developer. You can sit back and relax and wait for investment returns, while New Nordic takes care of and rents out the property.

New Nordic puts a great amount of faith on its projects and investment areas.

The New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort will have 136 studio-type, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments spread over 15 floors. It will be built on a 1,523 sqm lot, a few minutes walk to Golden Lions Roundabout and Ochheuteal Beach.

It will also be a full-service resort with an excellent array of amenities such as restaurant, spa, conference rooms, gym, swimming pool, and rooftop bar.  

Its location means easy access to the beach and close proximity to CBD, restaurants, markets, shopping centers, casinos, bars, and transportation hubs.

The New Nordic Sunshine Hotel & Resort is just the beginning of New Nordic’s foray into Cambodia. Expect to see many more of New Nordic’s projects coming Cambodia’s way in the future.

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