Architecture and Decor Expo 2017

May 15, 2017, 2:03 p.m.

Cambodia is now revered as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. But on top of this swift increase in economic activity, the Nation has also maintained a rich and diverse aesthetic appeal. A large part of this National image can be attributed to both architects of old and the new generation architects and designers.

As for the architects of tomorrow, ICVeX Ltd has partnered up with the Cambodian Society of Architects for the second year in a row to boost the architectural and design development of the country by means of organizing the Cambodia Architect & Decor 2017. The expo will be held from the 8th to the 10th of June (9.00-19.30 hrs.) at the Diamond Island in Koh Pich.

What is the aim of the Architecture and Decor ?

Mr Ajinveat Vhongthong , Project Manager at ICVeX ltd, explained that the expo aims to educate the visitors and showcase international quality products that would raise industry standards in the country. Although similar expos have already been organized in Cambodia, this exhibition focuses on architectural and design products or solutions. The event, thus, is aimed at those who want to find out what is currently present in the market. These include architects, interior designers, property developers, traders, and general customers who are on the lookout for high quality materials, furniture and decor.

ICVeX started off in with the expo in Myanmar. But the growing figures of the Cambodian economy and the demand for architectural materials swayed them to run the exhibition in the Kingdom too. And as figures climb for the country’s economy, more and more people are also looking for high quality products or solution.

The event will have the same format as the previous year but with one main key difference: the number of international exhibitors. This year, the expo will gather over 150 local and international exhibitors, with companies from Thailand, Italy, Singapore, India, and many more. Seventy percent of the exhibitors will be new to the Kingdom, making this event very promising for those who want to learn about new architectural materials and decorations.

But how can aArchitecture and Decor help Cambodia’s charm?

Mr Vitou, VP of CSA said that “Cambodian History is prominent with themes of architecture, design, and construction. It features the stories of the many temples tourists now enjoy during their visits.”

“And although there are over 4000 temples, they are all different from each other, which gives Cambodia a very unique stamp,” he said.

With modern day technology and advancements in the field, there is little doubt that professionals in the sector will be able to contribute even further to this multicultural and multi-generational diversity.

But with the School of Architecture in Cambodia still being relatively young, it still has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world. And this is a need that organizations like the Cambodia Society of Architects not only recognize but also decided to tackle by becoming a partner of the expo organizers from Thailand, ICVeX Co., Ltd. to organize the Cambodia Architect & Decor exhibition, to educate the visitors and showcase international quality products that would raise industry standards in the country.

Why this join the Architecture and Decor?

According to Thai-national, Vhongthong, an event like this has the capacity to benefit both the visitors and exhibitors. He explains that exhibitors will get the chance to showcase their products in the expo, thereby opening opportunities for partnership with local distributors. Meanwhile, visitors will be able to advance their knowledge in the field by sitting through the seminars prepared by the Cambodian Society of Architects and exposing themselves to high-standard international products and services.

This sort of event also brings about the opportunity to learn from local and international speakers that hail from reputable institutions like the Malaysian Institute of Architects, the Thai Beaumont Partnership and the Singaporean IX Architecture. It also paves the way for a healthy dialogue among peers.

So, If you are professionals or have interest in the industry, feel free to register for the exhibition and seminar before slots run out! You can find out more information and register at

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