banlao.la, new member of DCG family
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:01 p.m.
Published on: November 4, 2019, 9:54 a.m.

banlao.la, new member of DCG family

banlao.la is a newly launched website coming soon from Digital Classified Lao Sole Co., Ltd., the owner and operator of Lao's number one online shopping website, www.yula.la.

Yula.la receives around 3000 online shoppers per day (100,000+ per month), looking for real estate for sale and rent, new and used cars, motorbikes, electronics, furniture, jobs, financial services, insurance, and almost anything else. Yula.la has been the leading online marketplace in Laos since 2012.

Banlao.la will build on the success of Yula.la and focus on real estate buyers, sellers, renters, and investors, a specialist platform, and application for the purpose of finding property across the Lao PDR.

New users will experience a world-class platform, which will focus not only for Lao property seekers but also target international investors searching for investment and rental options in Laos - targeting countries such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Europe and other markets with a keen interest in Lao investments.

Real estate platforms represent the Digital Classifieds Group speciality, with leading websites in 7 countries worldwide, including Cambodia, Mongolia, and Nepal.

Originally, banlao.la was named laorealestate.la in Laos, and the team at yula.la launched the country's first-ever specialised real estate show under the laorealestate.la banner. However, since this event, we have decided to rebrand to banlao.la, instead of laorealestate.la, because we believe this brand is more memorable to the local Lao market. The number one focus of this online service is to make life easier for Lao property buyers, sellers, and lenders!

However, banlao.la will soon launch the second real estate expo in 2020. This one will be called the "banlao.la homes, loans and lifestyle Expo", and will take place in March 2020. The second show launch comes after the massive success of the first show.

The first-ever Laorealestate.la Expo was a huge success, with over 3000 local and international property investors welcomed to Don Chan Palace on the 1st & 2nd of March, 2019. Over the two days, the event generated over 10 million USD in property sales and finance referrals.

Powered by Yula.la, Lao's leading online marketplace, APA Insurance, our premium sponsor, and in partnership with the LNCCI, over 60 property developers, banks, insurers, and related businesses were on show at the first expo, along with 20+ informative real estate seminars to educate investors and industry insiders.

If you are interested to learn more about yula.la, banlao.la or the next banlao.la property expo, please get in touch with the yula.la team today contact@yula.la or 02055550906 Sign up for the next Banlao.la Lifestyle and Property Expo NOW!

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