Hun Chansan, director of Re-Edge Architecture & Design on Realestate.com.khTV
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:06 p.m.
Published on: June 28, 2016, 2:52 a.m.
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Hun Chansan, director of Re-Edge Architecture & Design on Realestate.com.khTV

This week, Realestate.com.khTV invited Hun Chansan, director of Re-Edge Architecture & Design, to our studio to speak about the Cambodian Architecture scene. "Hun Chansan is a registered architect, a member of Board of Architects Cambodia (BAC) and Cambodian Society of Architects (CSA). Chansan graduated with a Master in Architecture from Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts and returned to Cambodia in 2009 after spending more than 15 years in Singapore and the United States. His first job in Cambodia is the Faculty Coordinator and lecturer of Architecture and Design at Limkokwing University of Technology Phnom Penh campus. Chansan is also a visiting professor at Pannasastra University School of Architecture and Design in which he shares and inspires about Design and Concept with his students. Since 2011, Chansan established Re-Edge as a continuation of his Master Degree Thesis project called “Re-Edging Retails” where the architectural approach is a dialog between a building and its environment. Since then, Chansan has directed the design completion of many types and scales of numerous projects." Why did you decide to study architecture? When I was in Singapore, I spent so much time drawing. Then, there was a teacher who noticed my talent, so he advised me to major in architecture. When I pursued my degree in the USA, I decided to follow his advice, majoring in architecture.  Thanks to the in-depth study and practice I had there, I got to understand more about this major and came to realize that architecture has enormous influence on peoples' daily lives. Since then, I have followed this path. Who is the person you admire most? There are many people who inspired me. I am lucky I had chance to study abroad and observe numerous (architectural) achievements. As a matter of fact, those who major in architecture need to be really good at observing other artworks. So, I went to Europe and the United States to learn more about that. Mr. Louis Khan, a US architect, heavily emphasizes his project on choice of location and shows great creativity in maintaining its natural elements and fresh air. His innovation still looks new today. Mr. Le Corbusier is a French architect with very high creativity. In the past, his ideas were rejected. But he made himself recognized and has continued to impress everybody until today. He is also the teacher of famous Khmer architect Mr. Vann Molyvann. Do you have your own style of architecture? Talking about personal style, I don’t specifically own one. Naturally, we have our own characteristics. However, I don’t really focus on making sure my style is always pronounced. Instead, what I pay more attention to is the location of building and customer’s demand. Currently, my company has obtained different projects such as Borey, Villa, and Condominium projects around Phnom Penh. What do you think about the future of architecture in Cambodia? The architectural sector in Cambodia will experience more development in the future. We believe that the increase in the competition level and higher standards of education in the local market will bring about an increase in competency and creativity in the next generation of Khmer architects. In the meantime, modern technology helps a lot in expanding local knowledge and Khmer's travelling internationally. This makes more opportunism and will develop the next generation of architecture in this nation.
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