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Feb. 16, 2017, 12:32 p.m.

globe-2371893_1280.jpgInternational property investment is a booming market, to say the least.

In the USA, international property buyers invested more than $90 billion in the country just last year; the Chinese are predicted to invest $114 billion in offshore real estate before the end of this year; Russian property investors spend over $12 billion every year on overseas real estate; And in Australia, foreign investment in real estate has risen two fold in just three years. Meanwhile, international buyers are particularly motivated to secure property in foreign markets, with around 60 percent buying property with cash up-front. worldwireconnection

The world is changing fast, and people are happier than ever to live, work and invest outside of their home nations. In fact, according to the United Nations, around 3.2% of the world’s population has already made the move to live outside their country of origin. This is one reason the international property market is getting hotter everyday. At, through our “Featured Listings” package, we easily and automatically help Cambodian property developers enter the lucrative international property market, make international real estate connections, and, ultimately, sell property to wealthy international buyers - all without leaving thier computer chair. While 65% of traffic to is from Cambodia, the balance of visitors are from countries with a strong interest in Cambodian real estate. We also help international property agents share their listings with Cambodian’s interested in investing in international real estate.

How do we push your property listings around the globe? has a partnership with the Property Guru Group.  PropertyGuru Group is Asia’s leading online property portal group used by more than 11 million property buyers, viewing over 104 million property pages and generating over 500,000 enquiries for real estate developers and agent advertisers – every month – across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


This makes life easy for property developers based in Cambodia, looking to sell or rent Apartment, SOHO and Condominium units to foreign investors. Developers who market with, will have their property listing co-listed on all websites within Property Guru Groups portfolio. They are published in the international properties section of these portals, Cambodian properties for sale. In addition, ListGlobally, a partner of, is the largest international real estate advertising network in the world and publishes property listings on over 50 leading property portals around the world – including all featured listings from Your listing will arrive on famous websites such as I-Property Singapore and Malaysia, in Japan and many, many more.

Get your international property listing on today, and open up a world of property sales opportunities.

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