Phnom Penh Expanding: Municipal Revealed Plans to Build a Bridge Across the Tonle Sap Soon

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:19 p.m.

Horizontal-Ribbon-Editorial new_bridge The Municipality plans to build a bridge across the Tonle Sap River to connect from Chroy Chongva Peninsula  to the Russey Keo area in Kilometre Number 6. On October 7th,  2016, The Municipality of Phnom Penh organized a meeting with officials to discuss a plan to build a new road and remove the old railway. Meanwhile, in terms of the construction of a new bridge across the Tonle Sap River, Pa Socheatvong Governor of the Municipality of Phnom Penh said that "the budget for the construction of a new bridge has already been prepared, and the construction will start soon." He specified that in the  next step, technical experts will conduct a study of the area and location conditions to ensure that both the east and west ends  will benefit in terms of traffic and the interest of the local population. As of now, the east side is being developed as a satellite city. He said, "The project for the west riverbank of the new bridge will be built on the old railway in Sangkat Russey Keo, Khan Russey Keo, across Route 5, and across the river, towards Street No. 70, Dam of Toul Kork. The governor mentioned that in order to tackle the negative impact of the traffic and to accelerate the process of the building, local authorities will cooperate with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to take out the old railway and replace it with the construction of a concrete road, measuring 30 meters wide, with a total length of 6 kilometers. He said when these two projects are completed, it will ease the traffic congestion at the entrance in Phnom Penh. This will make it more convenient to travel along National Road No. 5 at Kilometre Number 6, toward the Bridge of Chroy Changva. This will especially benefit the people in the Russey Keo area, who used to cross the Chroy Changva Bridge. Regarding the new project, In Setha, Advisor of VTrust Appraisal, believes that the project will be completed because it was thoroughly discussed as part of the government’s strategic plan for the area. He explains that there are currently only two national roads in the city that serve as entry points – Road No. 5 and 6. In some occasions, such as Phchom Ben Day or Khmer New Year, the traffic worsens. So, building the new road or bridge will help ease the traffic situation, both in the area and the whole city. He continues to say that building this new bridge is important to the local people. When the bridge construction is completed, another commercial road will follow. And this will bring more business on the road side. Some anarchic houses will also be removed, and more developments will reach the area. After the planning of the new bridge is completed according to the standards of the government, there will be 4  bridges across the Tonle Sap River; 2 in Chroy Changva, the Bridge of Prek Phnov, and this new bridge project in  Khan Russey Keo. Find out more the recent development news in Cambodia with!   resized-magazine-issue-2

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