The Parkway Officially Launches, Toul Kork

May 15, 2017, 1:52 p.m.

On Friday, 21st of April 2017 The Parkway project was officially launched.

The project will have a total of three buildings and will strategically be located in Street 273 in Toul Kork – one of Phnom Penh’s most desired and premier addresses. This is due to its proximity to significant infrastructure and locations, such as the CBD and the airport. Aeon Mall 2 will also soon launch in Toul Kork, increasing the land prices in this district dramatically.

There will be three buildings that will be constructed for the total development of The Parkway. The first one will have 29 floors; the second one will have 25 floors; and the third will have 35 floors. In total, there will be around 1,500 condominium units available. These can range anywhere from 45sqm to 135sqm.

However, the development’s designers went beyond just playing with the exterior of the buildings. They also focused on the project’s intricacies.

Mr Sour Soktheng – Chief Executive Officer of Parkway Investment – puts it this way, “From one floor to the next, we are creating public spaces so our residents can take full advantage of their leisure time and relax in the green spaces.”

Soktheng continues, “The condo development will feature full 21st century facilities, including an infinity swimming pool and a gym. On the ground floor, there will be a mall with a host of dining, leisure, and shopping areas. There will even be a small school for the exclusive use of our residents’ children.”

This diversified design was made possible through the partnership of renowned locally-owned Parkway Investment Co., Ltd. with Chinese-owned Nantong City Daxin Engineering (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Parkway Investment Co., in itself, has already produced several topnotch projects like the Borey Rith and Parkway Square. So, this world class team-up just sets them up to be able to do something bigger and better than they’ve already done before.

But other than just creating a spectacle for future residents and onlookers, the developers have also extensively planned out what would eventually become of the development and how it integrates into the cityscape.

Soktheng explains, “Our investment in these condos is not for the short-term but for the long-term.  We foresee a sharp rise in the middle class and, along with their changing income, will come a desire for a vastly improved standard of living.  We believe that an increasing number of Phnom Penh’s residents will choose to live much closer to the city centre, so that they can reduce the amount of time they sit in traffic getting to and from work.  This will also mean fewer accidents on the city’s increasingly busy roads.”

He adds, “In addition, as we are located in a highly-desirable residential area within easy reach of the CBD, we aim to attract buyers of all nationalities, as well as lure home Cambodians who are currently living and working abroad.”

With everything in its proper place, this future development is just about ready to set the bar even higher.

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