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The Royal Garden in Sen Sok, Every Man’s Royal Abode
May 18, 2022, 1:51 a.m.

The Royal Garden in Sen Sok, Every Man’s Royal Abode

A good home is quintessential to healthy living and very few homes in Phnom Penh can truly stake their name in that promise. Orkide, one of Cambodia’s premier property developers, takes what made their boreys so popular and delivers a truly upscale and modern city-living experience for home seekers today: The Orkide Royal Condominium.

The Orkide Royal Condominium is a new development that started handing over in Q1 2022. It is located in the fast-developing Sen Sok area where developers are building projects left and right and property seekers lining up to secure homes in the upcoming district. With this much competition, how does Orkide The Royal Condominium stand out?

Orkide’s The Royal Garden

Orkide The Royal Garden Phnom Penh birds eye view

Located at the centre of the project, this 3.2 hectare man-made garden is a feat very few developers can even attempt at mimicking. A true cite-centre garden that makes it the envy of many.

The Royal Garden is at the centre of the Royal Condominium and serves as the conduit between the project's 6 towers and housing over 100 amenities catered to every resident looking for the complete luxury experience.

The Royal Garden in Phnom Penh

From swimming pools to luxury gyms, steam, sauna, and walking track. It is split into 12 different zones with a rooftop garden at each tower. Check out the different zones residents of the Royal Condominium get to enjoy:

The Royal Garden layout


Beach Zone

Beachside Zone Breath Zone Meditation Zone
Pool Bar Beach Lounge Windy Field Shelter Gate
Beach Edge Private Garden

Jogging Track

Timber Bridge Beach Bar Lakeside Garden Garden Walk
Stone Island Transition Deck Sunken Play Plaza Gallery
Ship Deck Reading Garden Shaded Foliage Garden Tea Garden


Chilling Zone

Family Zone

Adventure Zone

Play Zone

Timber Deck

Water Wall

Tea Garden

Play Plaza

Music Lawn

Pool Slope

Cycling Area

Audience Deck

Shade Terrace

BBQ Area

Pull Up Bar Area

Herb Garden

Beach Terrace

Kiddie Pool

Floating Track

Walk Way

Cactus Garden

Coffee Corner


Jodging Track


Eco Zone

Golden Zone

Lakeside Zone

Lake Zone


Golden Gallery

M.Lap Pool

Fitness & Sauna

Foot Reflexology

Golden Lounge

Gym @ The Highlight

Pool Dining

Ecology Pond

The Vista Grand Terrace

Shallow Pool

Play Island

Neighbourhood Park

Poolside Shelter

Residential Club House

Shallow Pool

Timbe Theatre

Orchid Garden

Yoga Deck

Island Walk

These are but a few of the over 100 amenities and facilities residents get to enjoy in the Royal Garden! And not even counting the countless other retail stores set to open within the ground to readily serve residents and deliver the utmost Royal experience to residents.

The Royal Garden ground view

Want to learn more about the Royal Condominium and its multitude of amenities? Inquire through the link below.