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About CMED Construction Co., Ltd.

Construction sector has been playing a great role in Cambodia’s fast growing economy with between USD 3 to USD 4 billion worth of construction projects yearly and this sector will continue to grow due to vast urban and rural areas that are left to be developed. The prospect of economic growth of 7% until 2020(1) and the inadequate integrity and quality service available in this sector, provides a unique opportunity for CMED Construction Co., Ltd. (CMEDCC) to shape and play a leading role not just for the company’s profit but also for the greater benefit and advancement of the Cambodian society.

We, CMEDCC, aim to be the only one who is able to provide minute design solutions, strict construction process control, and international product quality in the Cambodian construction market. We will raise the benchmark for this industry in Cambodia at par with our modern neighboring countries through our education programs, skills training, high quality and international professional services as a one-sourced company.

Our commitment “Build for the Best” is a win-win strategy for all stakeholders, which means we deliver only top quality construction, long lasting buildings with low maintenance cost, and high property values. We are confident that the success of delivering our commitment will in turn attract more international investment into Cambodia.

The destiny of CMEDCC, a wholly-owned Cambodian company, lies within the well-being of a broader Cambodian society. We pay utmost importance to train and educate all the young and upcoming Cambodians under our employment in the field of design and construction. We provide “on the job training” with our Heads of Department and General Manager of many years of international exposure for a better future together. With this “shared destiny” spirit in mind, our strategic plan is to only construct high quality buildings, lesser carbon footprint for the environment, “safety consciousness” and “long lasting” and aesthetically pleasing structures by the people and for the people.

(1) Source: Ministry of Planning and Approved by Council of Minister 24 July 2015-Public Investment Programme 2016-2018

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