50 Properties

residential Ankor Chey, Angkor Chey, Kampot
residential Chhuk, Chhuk, Kampot
residential Kaoh Touch, Tuek Chhou, Kampot
residential Preaek Tnoat, Tuek Chhou, Kampot
residential Kampong Bay, Kampot, Kampot
rental Traeuy Kaoh, Kampot, Kampot
rental Traeuy Kaoh, Kampot, Kampot
commercial Kampong Bay, Kampot, Kampot
residential Kampong Kraeng, Tuek Chhou, Kampot


Mr. Sok Ken

Real Estate Agency Based in Kampot/Kep

50 Properties

2 Sold Properties

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About Kampot Property

Kampot Property was established in 2015 by a young Cambodian businessman who was originally raised in Kampot named Mr. Ken, he has been experiencing for over 5 years working in real estate industry.

Kampot Property specializes in building long term relationships with property owners and investors. As a full service real estate brokerage we can assist our clients in every aspect of property ownership.

Our service are property Brokerage for Apartments, Buildings, Flats, Factories, Land, Villa’s and Warehouses for Rent and Sale in/or around Kampot-Kep province.

Kampot property provides you the service free of charge, Heart Oriented, Friendly, Reliable and Helpful from 07:30Am until 20:00Pm, Monday to Sunday.

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