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About MK Centralland co.,Ltd

The owners of Residences BEL AIR (Cambodian and French) believe in ethical, environmentally-conscious, responsible business and thus have adopted a management policy that includes values such as excellence, integrity, transparency, gratitude, inter alia.

Moreover, these individuals have a love for design and beauty and craft in addition to their deep experience in the real-estate and construction business.

The result is this Residences BEL AIR building that is for your living enjoyment in an affordable elegance. In 2016, Cambodia experienced a construction boom.

However, there is only one peninsular and Residences BEL AIR sits on a prime real estate within this peninsular. As the saying go, “Location, location, location.” Accordance to one CBRE report, the return of investment is around 7,5% and 9% yields.

The politicians know this and work toward the preservation of stability. It is, however, normal for political wrangling during election seasons.

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