Kampong Speu is a province located close to the capital city of Phnom Penh. Kampong Speu is better known as the place where the best palm sugar in Cambodia came from. Rising on the flat, fertile plains of Kampong Speu are countless sugar palm trees, the source of the palm sugar, which have become one of the most important cash crops in the province. Kampong Speu has plenty of natural resources. Aside from the sugar palm trees mentioned earlier, the province is also host to many varieties of wildlife, fruit trees, hardwood, and other plants. Kampong Speu is also among the most important rice-producing provinces in Cambodia. In addition, the province also has several interesting tourist spots that made one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Kingdom. The best and most famous mountain resort in Cambodia, Kirirom National Park is located in the province. Every year, thousands of locals and foreigners make a pilgrimage to Kirirom to relax or go camping under the pine trees and forest cover of the park, which stretches over several hundred hectares. Other popular tourist spots in Kampong Speu include Phnom Prey Khmer Resort, Cambodia Golf and Country Club, Chambok Eco-tourism Site, and Te Teuk Pus Hot Springs. Kampong Speu’s abundance in natural resources and growing tourism industry have helped improve its economy. The resurgence of Kampong Speu’s economy has also lifted its nascent real estate sector. Once-empty spaces are slowly being filled by villas, houses, shophouses, borey units, and other commercial and residential developments. Regarding houses, there is an increasing number of houses in Kampong Speu that are being peddled as rental or properties for sale. House for rent in Kampong Speu is becoming a trend. There are several types of house for rent in Kampong Speu. The pricey types are generally bigger with more rooms and amenities. The cheaper variants, naturally, are smaller with fewer rooms and amenities. More information about house for rent in Kampong Speu can be found and readily available at the Realestate.com.kh website.

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House for Rent in Kampong Speu

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