Preah Vihear may be a remote province on the Thai border, but it holds a lot of promise, primarily because of its emerging tourism industry and the fact that the province has plenty of natural resources. Preah Vihear is mostly covered by forests where valuable wood and other forest products can be found. There are also plenty of wildlife around the province, including rare and endangered ones like deer, pangolin, gaur, and banteng. Preah Vihear’s tourism industry is mainly centered on the world-famous Preah Vihear temples, which shot to prominence a few years ago when it was the subject of a Thai-Cambodian territorial dispute. Intermittent clashes occurred in the area, and there were fears that a full-scale war will erupt as a result. But the matter was peacefully resolved after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague ruled in 2013 that the temple complex and most of the land around it belong to Cambodia. After the matter was resolved, normalcy returned to the area and the province’s economy improved for the better. Preah Vihear’s real estate sector also grew, with houses, villas, apartments, and other residential and commercial developments going up in various parts of the province. There are now more house for rent in Preah Vihear. House for rent in Preah Vihear can either be rented on a short or long term basis. House for rent in Preah Vihear can be divided into two types- the expensive and ones carrying a cheap rental tag. The pricey types are often a combination of wood and concrete. These are big houses with multiple rooms, spacious living rooms, and well-equipped kitchen. The decorations, furnishings, and finish are also topnotch. The cheaper house for rent in Preah Vihear are mostly made of wood, of which the province has plenty of the finest types. There are fewer rooms and the amenities are mostly basic and inexpensive. For more information about house for rent in Preah Vihear, please read or browse through the portal.

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House for Rent in Preah Vihear

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