Chim Panha

Chim Panha

WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO., LTD has been established with customer’s satisfaction and confidence by means of collaboration between Cambodian share holder who handled investment and real estate business since many years in the past in Cambodia.

Our professional teams provided superior real estate and construction services by combining in depth Cambodian and American knowledge of local property market with an international standard approach to the management, marketing, property appraisal and property valuation in Cambodia.

Always giving our customers the best quality services and widest choices of property news and listing, we have become the largest and most professional real estate company in Cambodia.

When customers are looking for an office, top quality residential or in need of an effective property management, we could assign our reliable staffs to work well with local government, major Banks, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land and Management, Bureau of Urban Planning and Construction, Cadastral office, to provide our customers all necessaries sources of legal documents in accordance with property law and business in Cambodia.

Along with experienced and skills of buying, selling and an effective properties management assigned to specific area, our multi-language staffs(France, English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnam, Korean ), serve an international and domestic customers which include everyone from local families, businessmen, government, embassies, multinational companies, NGOs, charity foundations who needs high and secure quality housing for their Ambassadors, employers, managers, staffs and families as well.

Among our high-profile clients are: Local and international clients and investors, BANKS, NGOs, and EMBASSIES.

In order to respond the market growth, WORLD TRUST ESTATE CO.,LTD has developed a media team to promote and advertise its services by publishing the WORLD TRUST ESTATE MAGAZINE and we have its own web site and email which runs in cooperation with many advertisers.

The magazine is directly given to our customers and renew every three months. It is valuable in any Embassies, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Companies, Gasoline Stations, NGOs, School, Ministries, Departments, and most residential in Cambodia. This full distribution throughout the cities and provinces has made WORLD TRUST ESTATE became leader in this real estate brokerage, property valuation, property management, property consultant, real estate training and Real Estate Investment.

It serves as the best source of details market information as well as the best-guide, throughout the entire buying or renting process.

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