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Oct. 19, 2017, 11:48 a.m.

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 8

The eight issue of Cambodia Real Estate Magazine is here. Published quarterly in English and Chinese, this latest issue of Cambodia’s most authoritative and widely-read real estate publication mainly reported and discussed key investment areas, milestones, events, prospects, and other important developments, issues, and movers in the Kingdom’s property sector, including:

- Treatise on the results of’s 2018 Cambodia Real Estate Survey, which shows a rising middle class.

- Discussion about the prospects and future of Cambodia’s real estate industry post-election.

- Feature about Poipet, a town on the Thai border which is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country in terms of real estate development.

- A look on the role and influence of architecture and design on the quality of life.

- A look at 7 Makara, Daun Penh, and Chamkarmon, areas of Phnom Penh where most people want to buy property.

- Delving on the “Siem Reap Anomaly”, a phenomenon where despite the property boom, rental transactions are down in Cambodia’s leading tourist destination.

- A glimpse at how land along Hun Sen Boulevard became a favorite among property developers.

- Treatise about low-cost housing proliferating around the industrial areas of Phnom Penh.

- Hottest property listings (real estate for sale and rent/lease) from across the country from leading real estate agencies.

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 7

Published in both English and Chinese, Issue 7 of Cambodia Real Estate magazine, the Kingdom’s most widely read property quarterly, reported mainly on key investment areas, future events that are most likely to impact the property sector, and other important developments, issues, and movers in the industry, billed as one of the primary drivers of Cambodia’s economy. These include:

-    Feature on trailblazing women who made distinct imprints in Cambodia’s real estate industry, with their exemplary accomplishments in a male-dominated industry,

-    Treatise on the Cambodia Real Estate Awards 2018, the most prestigious and highly-awaited event for Cambodia’s property sector this year,

-    Extract from soon-to-be released Cambodia Investment Guide 2018/2019, which discussed Phnom Penh and other key investment areas in the Kingdom,

-     Delving on property experts and leaders’ take on the impact of upcoming national election on Cambodia’s property sector,

-    Profile on Khan Dangkao, a Phnom Penh suburb that is drawing interest from local and foreign investors, mainly due to its accessibility and abundance of affordable land,

-     Update on the progress of several major property development projects in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville,

-      A look at property value appreciation in Sen Sok and nearby areas, a change brought about by Aeon Mall 2, the Kingdom’s largest shopping and entertainment complex that officially opened a few days ago,

-    Delving on the reluctance of banks to loan money to the real estate industry, particularly condominium sector,

-   A look at the hottest property listings (property for sale and rent/lease) from across the country from leading real estate agencies.


Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 6

Issue 6 of, Cambodia’s most popular, bilingual (English and Chinese) real estate quarterly, tackled Cambodia’s investment potential, looked back at last year’s property and economic trends, and discussed the prospects for the Kingdom’s real sector in 2018, including:

- Delving into the Kingdom’s rental outlook and investment potential,

- Looking back at 2017’s major real estate and economic trends,

- Location profiles on Prek Pnov and Por Sen Chey, two of the many rapidly-developing areas surrounding Phnom Penh,

- Extract from’s soon-to-be-released Cambodia Investment Guide 2018, which summarizes the investments opportunity in Cambodia,

- Update on ongoing construction projects and other major developments from across Cambodia’s real estate sector, - A peek at the hottest property listings from across the country brought to you by leading real estate agencies,

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 5

Welcome to Issue 5 of the Cambodia Real Estate Magazine. Once again, the team at are proud to bring to our readers a selection of the finest property news, advice and information from across the Kingdom of Cambodia, including;

  •  A look into the swift economic and real estate growth in lesser known areas such as Poipet and Battambang,
  •  Advice for savvy investors looking to invest in real estate hotspots, such as Siem Reap and Sihanoukville- before land prices rise,
  •  Delving into the major influence that Chinese investors are currently having across the Cambodian real estate sphere,
  •  Two sneak-peak extracts from our highly anticipated,  soon-to-be-released Cambodian Real Estate Investor Guide 2018; where we look at Foreign Ownership Law and tourism trends in the Kingdom in great detail,
  •  A comprehensive look at upcoming developments from accross the Kingdom, as well as the hottest listings from the country's leading agenices,

And excitingly, for the first time in our history, we are bringing the magazine to you in two languages - both English and Chinese!

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 4

In issue four we take a look at the huge technology influence on the property market, as well as the hottest news for potential investors, buyers and sellers including;

  • How the Cambodian real estate market is embracing technology to enhance real estate sales, marketing and business management.
  • How virtual and augmented reality are taking the real estate scene by storm
  • The Kingdom's exciting economic growth prospects
  • Foregin ownership and laws in 2017-  that all prospective investors need to know 
  • How you can take property pictures like a true professional 
  • A market insiders analysis into the "The One Belt One Road Policy''

As well as a host of new and upcoming developments in Cambodia's property market, and much, much more.


Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 3

In issue 3 we delve right into Cambodia's real estate market as a whole, covering topics such as;

  • The 2016 Consumer Sentiment Survey Results- the most comprehensive survey to ever be conducted in Cambodia
  • Market leaders sharing their forecasts of 2017
  • How foreginers can pragmatically invest in land in the Kingdom
  • Sihanoukville's rise to become the next 'boom town
  • Everything you need to know about home-loans before purchasing your property

As well as a look at many of innovative and luxury developments under construction- and much more.

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 2 

In this edition, we review what to keep in mind when investing in plot land in Cambodia; we take a look at the rise of the Toul Tum Poung/Russian market district of central Phnom Penh; and we consider the current issues in the Cambodian valuation industry and how best to address these gaps. You can check out a huge selection of real estate listings for sale and rent across the nation, and a prime selection of new property developments in the pipeline and reviews.

Cambodia Real Estate Magazine Issue 1

The first Cambodian real estate dedicated magazine. Get insights about the property industry in Cambodia with recent law changes, land titles classification, development projects and much more in one, unique magazine.

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