is the ultimate tool for buying and selling property in Cambodia, loans and mortgage, valuation and all insurance needs. We are the oldest and most trusted property portal website in Cambodia. Plus, we have the most listings, and in both english and khmer! Check out the most up-to-date properties for sale and rent all over Cambodia, and see our International Property section. Remember, because we are not real estate agents, if you sell through our site there is no commission on sales charged. Nevertheless, if you need us to increase your sales inquiries, upgrade packages are available for agents, developers and private sellers. is the Borey king of the Cambodian website world. Here you can find a huge selection the most renowned borey properties across the nation. We have Borey properties for sale and Boreys for rent, all just one click away! Inquire on a borey today and let you family grow in the right environment! Here is a great Borey buyers guide too, to get you started on your search. Not Cambodian? Not sure if you can buy a borey? Learn about foreign ownership laws! Whether you are looking to buy a borey for your family or for investment purposes, you have come to the right place. Check out popular projects like Borey Maha Sen Sok, Borey Elite Town, Orkide Villa,  Grand Phnom Penh International City, Borey Ataingmeas, The Park Land Sen Sok, Borey the Mekong Royal, Borey The Flora, Borey J & C, Borey Hi Tech, Borey River Town, Borey Peng Huoth and many more! Check out some great resources on in our Location Profiles and Investor Guides: Learn more about CambodiaPhnom PenhSiem Reap & Sihanoukville. Learn more about Investing in CambodiaForeign Ownership in Cambodia & the Cambodian Expat Experience!

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