Property Management Made Easy

Say goodbye to property management headaches! Experience hassle-free Personal Property Management (PPM) as our new service.

Introduction to PPM

If you' re an investor or property owner searching for a reliable property management company in Cambodia with a solid track record, you' ve found it!

Personal Property Management (PPM) is your key to a hassle-free approach to property ownership in Cambodia. By entrusting us with the responsibilities typically associated with being a landlord, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your investment.

Our dedicated and professional management team takes care of property maintenance, tenant interactions, leasing, and customer service, ensuring your property is maintained to the highest standards, maintaining its long-term value.

Core Services


Marketing & Advertising


Lease & Negotiation Services


Tenant Move-In & Move-Out


Rent Collection & Financial Reporting


Property Inspections & More

Benefits of PPM

Time Saving

PPM help you gain more time on other important tasks, while our team ensure the property is well-maintained.

Emergency Response

PPM is well-prepared for emergencies like burst pipes, power outages, or unexpected issues. We act swiftly to minimize damage and prioritize tenant safety.

Property Value Preservation

We handle maintenance, tenant support, and strategic planning to sustain or boost your property's worth, whether it' s a condo, apartment, villa, or shop-house.

Market Knowledge

We offer advice on rental rates, marketing strategies, and ways to optimize your property's value. We'll help adjust rents to improve your property's financial performance.

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