Borey VSL
Borey VSLBorey VSLBorey VSLBorey VSL

4 Bed, 5 Bath Shophouse for Sale in Borey VSL

Borey VSL

Sale price$142,799

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Starting or owning a small business? Absolutely loyal to the idea of the shop house, commonly found throughout the historic cities of SE Asia, this housing type can be used for both business and living as modernity and simplicity are reflecting to the dynamic of everyday life. They are the key features of the design for business in Cambodia. Straight, clean lines and the importance of natural light as a major principle of the modern interior design.

This shop house contains 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, 1 kitchen, and a balcony which are clean and comfortable place with full decorative elements with high quality finishes, a host of amenities and built-in furniture.

With the emphasis on having your own place but with the benefits of togetherness, shop house is coming with a design of clean lines and smooth surfaces with simple decorative elements to an everlasting contemporary style for sales in Cambodia.

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Property type: ShophouseProject: Borey VSLDeveloper: Borey VSL
Property ID: 70101Listed: 1 year agoUpdated: 11 months ago


Car ParkingNon-Flooding
On main road

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