Hillton Park Villa

Hillton Park Villa, Sangkat Buon, Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville

Hillton Park Villa

Property development to build a luxurious housing complex combining serviced residences for sale at the center of Sihanouk Ville. Hillton Park Villa -The specialized residence complex under this project, equipped with full intelligent system, is expected to satisfy the demand for high quality residence for purchase increasing sharply among the high-income locals and foreigners from more developed countries as well.

Located in the heart of the beach town, Phum 5, Sangkat 4, Khan Mitapheap, the project site is considered among the locals as a historical and cultural symbol of Sihanouk Ville. As this project comes into spotlight among the locals, the Cambodian authorities desire that the complex under project show a complex design honoring Cambodia. A perfection of convenience facilities, including various community ,relaxation space for resident, all of which are realized at the same level technologically and aesthetically with those set up at the combined complex in world standard.

Inclusion of a high standard club house something keenly needed by foreign residents and upper class locals as well.

Project Overview