Piseth City

Akreiy Ksatr, Lvea Aem, Kandal

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2021Completion Year

Piseth City: Home of Happiness & Harmony

Just a ferry away across Chaktomuk river, Piseth city is located in Arey Ksatr Peninsula which is one of the yet uncover potential area. With only 11 kilometers from the ferry station, Piseth City lays along the river bank at Veal Thom Village, Peam Oknha Ong Commune, Lvea Em district.

At where Piseth City is at, it is a community surrounding by good neighbors, fresh air and new construction that are the best indication that Piseth City is at the right place where development is now emerging.

With a total of almost 1000 units, in Piseth City, there are two types of house; Link house and Shop house. Each unit is designed with modern housing concept that gives not only beauty of the house, but also the comfort when living inside. Moreover, they are super cozy and functional with all the facilities combine in the house.

For Link house, the unit size 4.2m x 9m for the ground floor and 4.2m x 10.3m for the first floor. It has two spacious bedrooms that can accommodate a family of 3 or 4 very comfortably. This link house unit also comes with 2 bathrooms with a full facilities of toiletries. Moreover, it also has a big 5-meter space in front of the house for parking.

For Shop house, the house size is 4.2m x 12m for ground floor while the first floor size is 4.2m x 14m. Similar to the previous type, this type also has 5-meter parking space in front of the house. Shop house is purposely built surrounding the community market in the project in order to get the best traffic from the market; hence, making the shop house the best spot for big or small business. This unit also comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Asides from this, there are several reason of why Piseth City is one of the best community housing project that you should aim for. First of all, in term of price, it is very affordable for such project that is located in a fast growing region. Secondly, this project is built by a wise and dedicated Cambodia doctor who aims to make this a place where happiness in the family occurs and he can make it happen by building a high quality construction, using great standard facilities, and making community the best living environment.

What is more, Piseth City is also an environment lover project. The developer, more preferred to be called community builder, is going to plant thousands of big trees around the projects, making it one of the greenest Borey Community you could ever find in Cambodia.

There are many more reasons of why Piseth City should be your home of choice. Contact us for more information and get the best deal before it’s over.

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