Land for Sale in Akreiy Ksatr

Akreiy Ksatr, Lvea Aem, Kandal

Sale price$2,000,000
80000Floor Area (m²)
80000Land Area (m²)

Land For Sale in Lvea Aem

Located in Akreiy Ksatr,  Lvea Aem

Size: 8 hectares

1sqm= 25$

Price: $

Hard title

Commercial area


State Utility

Locating in Akreiy Ksatr is an economic land available for sale with many advantages in the size of 8 hectares, which is massive. The land has a feature of nutritious soil that can grow healthy plants, fruits and crops. Apart from that, it can be invested into factories, condos, apartments, mansions, condos or organic farms. It is also surrounded by markets, banks, shops, schools and hospitals; in which you can have access to with great safetyness.