Warehouse for Sale & Rent in Boeng Reang

Boeng Reang, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Sale price$10,000
Rent per month$10,000
561Floor Area (m²)
561Land Area (m²)

Warehouse for rent in Daun Penh

Located in Boeng Raing 

Size: 17m x 33m = 561sqm

Price: 10000$


State Utility

This is a new warehouse for rent locating, in Boeng Raing. The warehouse owns lots of advantages, many of its best one is to store supplie and keep them in a safe condition. You can easily go to markets, banks, shops, schools and hospitals; which is what everybody seeks for owning a warehouse. Last but not least the area is very safe, meaning you can store whatever you want here.