2 Bed, 3 Bath Apartment for Sale in Chak Angrae Kraom

Chak Angrae Kraom, Meanchey, Phnom Penh

Sale price$82,000

2 Bedroom Flat For Sale in Meanchey

Located in Chak Angrae Kraom

Size: 4m x 16m = 64sqm (E0,E1)

Price: 82,000$

Soft Title

2 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms

State Utility


Locating in Chak Angrae Kraom is a comfortable new building flat for sale, featuring 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. the flat comes in a modern design and is very relaxing to be living here. The surrounding offers great security and a wide range of access to many locals.