4 Bed, 6 Bath Land for Sale in Dangkao

Dangkao, Dangkao, Phnom Penh

For sale$165,000POA

Flat for sale down from street 371 only 200m, (Near Borey Orchid project pouring land) (C-6780)

This is a Land/Development for sale located in Dangkao,Dangkao,Phnom Penh being advertised for $165,000
Amenities in this property include land_size : 96

m2, bed : 4, bath : 6,
If you would like more information about this property or would like to schedule an inspection please contact the agent using the inquiry form or by starting a live chat with the agent.

ផ្ទះល្វែងសម្រាប់លក់ ⁃ ចុះពីផ្លូវ៣៧១ ត្រឹមតែ២០០ម, (ជិតគម្រោងបុរីអរគីដេកំពុងចាក់ដី) (C-6780) ⁃ ទំហំផ្ទះ 4x16m សល់មុខ 6m ក្រោយ 2m ⁃ បែរមុខទៅខាងកើត ⁃ មានផ្លូវមុខក្រោយ, ខាងមុខផ្លូវរដ្ឋ16m, ខាងក្រោយផ្លូវបុរី 8m ⁃ មាន ៤បន្ទប់គេង ៦បន្ទប់ទឹក ជាន់លើទូលាយ ⁃ តម្លៃ: $165,000 ចរចារ -ប្លង់រឹង -------- House for sale near st 371 -Price: 165000$ (negotiate) -house size: 4 m x 16 m -room: 4 bedroom 6 bathroom -Hard title

Property Overview