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41, Kampong Seila, Sihanoukville

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Kampong Seila, Sihanoukville

The National Coast

The National Coast is the only international-level new district in Westport with international influence and demonstration effect of Cambodia's tourism development. The National Coast Hotel is located in the Ream National Forest Park and is surrounded by the Ream Port. Natural resources, the first forest coast holiday complex in Cambodia. Based on world-class star hotels, we have visited world-famous tourist destinations to create a high-standard resort hotel for Sihanouk Ville, equipped with luxury swimming pools, top-level casinos, large supermarkets and other five-star facilities. Providing an international lifestyle and a luxury class service for guests and residential guests, the romantic life meets the perfect journey.

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Sihanoukville, or Kampong Som in Khmer, is the fourth-largest city in Cambodia. It sits on the southern coast and is a hub for trade, business and tourism. The coastal city is th…

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The National Coast

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