4 Bed, 5 Bath House for Sale & Rent in Kouk Roka

Kouk Roka, Prek Pnov, Phnom Penh

For sale$180,000POA
For rent$400per monthPOA

Linkhouses for Sale and Rent in Borey Romanea

There are a couple of houses in Borey Romanea for sale and rent. The feature of the houses is quite similar with small differences which will be listed below.

For Sale House
- $180,000 (negotiable) for house facing West with land behind house 4m
- $195,000 (negotiable) for house facing West with land behind house 4m and land on the side of house 2m
- $215,000 (negotiable) for house facing North with land behind house 7m

For Rent House, each house has 7m extra land at the back of house and water tank on rooftop)
- House A: $700 (have 2m extra land on the left side of the house)
- House B: $500
- House C: $400
- House D: $400 (have water pumping machine and curtain)

Each house has
- 4 bedrooms
- 5 bathrooms
- 1 Kitchen
- 1 Living room
Location: Borey Romanea near Chhouk Va and Chhouk Meas

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