88 Residence

Sangkat Bei, Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville

Sale price$52,438$2,140/m²
10.0%Guaranteed Rental Return?
10%Expected Rental Return?
30%Downpayment Ratio?
15%Sold Rate?
30%Construction Progress?
2022Completion Year?

88 Residence

88 Residence is a sleek space condominium project with 28 storeys launched by AFB INVESTMENT with the concept of “The Living Life in The Maritime City”. The building is set to be a manifest building on the coast of Sihanoukville City.

The project is located in the high potential area which is in a major city of Sihanoukville, alongside the luxury resorts, five stars hotel, casino complex, duty free shop, mall, commercial and business hub with multinational enterprise.

With this high-rise landmark and significant building, 88 Residence is designed to be fully understanding of space as well as simple and modern design techniques. The design not only shows the pursuit of quality, yet it also satisfies urban people who want a modern seaside holiday.

The project constructed by a premium-well-trusted construction company from China, set to be the large-scale commercial complexes, hotels, apartments, high-quality construction.

88 Residence consists with 3 different types of units including Studio, 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedrooms all are designed to suit various needs of the buyers with multiple floors along with our designing concept ingeniously combining the gray and white and rich soft loading together, adding a fresh and natural breath to the room, making you feel relax with the ocean view.

The sale price of the project units starting from about $2,508 per square meter.

88 Residence Project is set to be an international business complex where delivered, the building high consisting 28 floors, interestingly, the satisfaction of living will bring your lives more convenient and more than meaningful.

Why 88 Residence should be your next home investment?

1. Well-experienced developer

2. High return of investment asset

3. Real estate development location

4. Attractive and

5. competitive sale price

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