LZ Sea View Residences

Sihanoukville Victory Beach 500m, Sangkat Buon, Sihanoukville, Sihanoukville

Sale price$51,888$1,100/m²
6.0%Guaranteed Rental Return?
2021Completion Year?

LZ Sea View Residences

Sihanoukville is a beautiful ecotourism site and a great economic zone attracting tourists and big investors after Phnom Penh has a large infrastructure, building, and major projects and a huge port. In Cambodia.

Today I would like to introduce a luxurious condo project or condominium in Sihanoukville, LZ SEA VIEW RESIDENCES, the capital of the Greater Israeli economy, which has invested in the city of Sihanoukville once started construction and starts selling. And now

1. Terms and conditions for purchasing and depositing money

- Pay 100% discount, discount 5%

- First deposit 20% / 30% / 50%

- Payable for repurchase and no interest payment

- Up to 70% loan from banks up to 15 years

- Provide a hard title for Cambodians and foreigners

2. Progress and Infrastructure

- 21 storeys

- Parking lot of 400 parking lot

- There are 2 buildings A, B

- 4 elevators for each building

- Safety camera system

- Internet room

- Discussion room

- Recreation garden and gym swimming pool Playground for children

-Sky bar and phuket store, office, spa, and restaurant

3. Include all service

- Laundry service, room service, intelligent technology, parking, security, gym, pool, internet

4. Room type