Serviced Apartments in Cambodia: Make Life Easier...

Dec. 17, 2019, 5:49 p.m.


Serviced apartments are the creme de la creme of the Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville real estate sphere, and these luxury abodes include all amenities fit for a king, or queen.

Serviced apartments are plentiful in Cambodia’s major cities, but prices are comparatively high and overall occupancy levels can be quite low. Serviced apartments are the number one choice for young professionals who want to live alone in the central city, close to work, and save time managing their home. They are also increasingly popular with families, who appreciate the privacy and quality of living in serviced apartment complexes. The supply of serviced apartments is only set to soar too - with a host of new options ready for occupancy in 2020 and beyond.

What should I expect in my serviced apartments unit?

When you start considering serviced apartments for rent, or possibly purchase, expect western style interior decoration, plenty of light and windows, views of the skyline, fully functioning kitchens - including ovens, clean and modern bathrooms, and expansive storage space and closets. 

What should I expect in the serviced apartments complex?

Serviced apartment buildings will generally incorporate elevators, full security services (including a 24 hour guard, CCTV, intercom and possibly fire safety provisions), ample parking for cars and motos, fully equipped gym, and in most you can even find a swimming pool. When you live in a service apartment your landlord shouldn’t be hard to deal with - expect professional  and well-documented rental payment collection and fast feedback on requests for property maintenance. Make sure you get a good contract, here are a few tips!

What should I expect in my serviced apartments amenities and services?

In regards to services included in serviced apartment management fees, expect services such as house cleaning, laundry and drycleaning, fast and consistent internet, cable television, reliable water and a water heater for the shower and bath, and often serviced apartments also include full concierge service. The concierge will be able to help you navigate the city, book taxis and buses, and generally make sure everything is to your taste in your new home.  

What's the price range for serviced apartments in Phnom Penh?

Let’s compare service apartments vs. non-serviced apartments (prices based on data):

For serviced apartments:

    • Lower = $600 – $800
    • Middle = $800 – $1,400
    • High = $1,500 ++

For standalone apartments:

    • Lower = $300 – $500
    • Middle = $550 – $900
    • High = $1,000 ++
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