Kep is one of Cambodia’s most popular destinations. Every year, thousands of visitors from the United States, Japan, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries visit Kep and the famous attractions in the province. Kep is famous for its beaches, seafood, butterfly-filled park, and stunningly-beautiful sunset views. The revenues that Kep derive from its tourism industry is driving the local economy forward. There are now more commercial activities and developments in Kep as a result. While keep was a favorite haunt of French elites and wealthy Khmers during the French colonial times and in the early 1960’s, respectively, it fell into neglect during the upheavals that followed. Kep only regained its former glory after the warring parties of the Cambodian Civil War signed the Paris Peace Accords in 1991. Kep’s renaissance has spawned a small, yet vibrant real estate sector in Kep. There are now many hotels, apartments, resorts, houses, villas, commercial buildings, and other commercial and residential developments in Kep, which is the smallest province in the country. Apartments are becoming commonplace in Kep, especially in the places where the population of the province is mainly concentrated. Apartments in Kep are either for rent or sale. The apartment for rent in Kep can either be rented for a short, temporary stay, or for a long term exceeding one year. Apartment for rent in Kep is often well-built and design. Prices of apartment for rent in Kep vary, depending on the location, size, number of rooms, amenities, and other relevant factors. There are apartment for rent in Kep that are expensive, owing to their big size and plenty of amenities available. The cheaper apartment rental in Kep, meanwhile, has bare bones amenities and naturally smaller. The website is there to keep you informed and updated about apartment for rent in Kep.

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Apartment for Rent in Kep

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