If people mention Preah Vihear, the first thing that comes to our minds is the Preah Vihear temple complex. A UNESCO World-heritage site, Preah Vihear is among the most popular and well-known tourist destination in Cambodia. The temple and surrounding areas are claimed by both Thailand and Cambodia, leading to border clashes between the militaries of the two countries. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague later ruled that Preah Vihear sits on Cambodian territory, largely settling the long-running territorial dispute. Preah Vihear is a forested, sparsely populated province. Preah Vihear has a large store of natural resources, including wood. The province is also home to many kinds of wildlife including wild pigs, deer, gaur, pangolin, and others. Preah Vihear’s abundance in natural resources helped the province improve its economy, despite the fact that development in the area is hampered by a small population, which numbers less than 200,000. The abundance of cheap land and a growing economy has helped the province’s real estate sector, which has recorded modest growth in recent years. There are residential and commercial developments that have sprung up in various parts of the province. More real estate for sale or rent are now available in Preah Vihear than before. Real estate for rent in Preah Vihear include a gaggle of houses that can be used as a residence or for some commercial purposes like converting it into a store or using a part of it for the aforementioned purpose. There are also old and new villas that can be rented at varying rates, depending on the location, amenities, facilities, and size. Other real estate for rent in Preah Vihear are apartments, most of which are not as luxurious as the ones found in Phnom Penh, but are, nevertheless, well built and furnished, and command a much lower rental rates. For additional info about real estate for rent in Preah Vihear, please consult or take a look at the Realestate.com.kh website.

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Real Estate for Rent in Preah Vihear

Found 1 properties for Rent in Preah Vihear

Hotel for Rent in Sihanouk with 16 Rooms

16 16 1 240m2
Chhaeb, Preah Vihear
Located in Sangkat 2 Land size: 12m x 20m = 240sqm Floor: E0,E1,E2 Price: 15,000$ 16 room…
Listed: 1 day ago

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