Land for Rent in Phleung Chheh Roteh

Phleung Chheh Roteh, Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh

Rent per month$2,500
3510Floor Area (m²)
3510Land Area (m²)

Land For Rent in Por Sen Chey

Located in Pleung Chheh Roteh

Size: 45m x 78m = 3510sqm

Price: 2500$

State Utility


Locating in Por Sen Chey is a gigantic land for rent that is surrounded by markets, banks, shops, schools and hospitals. The land can be constructed into a restaurant, villa, condo, swimming pool and mant other amazing options. The fact that it is a commercial and safe area, is very awesome because then you can start your business easily. However, the area is also a quiet location and there are trees and cold winds to make the area not so hot.