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Tourists traveling between the two countries often make a short stop in Poipet. The town is well known to outsiders as a gambling hub. Boasting more than 10 casinos, Poipet is considered Cambodia’s number two casino destination after Sihanoukville. Poipet has an area of 262 km2. The municipality is divided into three communes: Poipet, Phsar Kandal, and Nimeth. It has a population of more than 140,000.

Key Information

Poipet was one of the last strongholds of the notorious Khmer Rouge. For much of the 1980s until early 1990s, the town saw much fighting between the Khmer Rouge and forces loyal to the government and their Vietnamese allies. It was only after the Cambodian Civil War ended in 1997 that the town experienced an economic renaissance of sorts.
Poipet is considered one of the fastest developing towns in the country, with the potential of becoming a centre for manufacturing, tourism, and real estate development. This is helped by the fact that it hosts three special economic zones (SEZs): Poipet O'Neang Special Economic Zone (POSEZ) hosts around five factories across 467 hectares. Sanco Poipet Special Economic Zone spans 83 hectares. Poipet PPSEZ sits on 68 hectares.

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Most food and beverage offerings in Poipet are inside the casinos. They mainly serve Chinese or Thai food. Other reputable restaurants include Destiny Café, Palm Coffee, Border Restaurant HARU, and Hangout Restaurant/Café. These restaurants serve a mix of Cambodian, Asian, and Western cuisine. Most other restaurants or food stalls in town cater to travellers stopping for a meal on their way to or from Thailand.

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