5 Bed, 6 Bath Villa for Sale in Borey Peng Huoth : The Star Jumeirah

Borey Peng Huoth : The Star Jumeirah


Villa Queen

Experience the most luxurious way to enjoy living on Villa Queen for sales in Cambodia. With prestigious design based on the esthetic values of symmetry and the European classical style, perfectly in tune with the Khmer culture, Villa Queen are the flagship of Borey Peng Huoth. Villa Queen is uniquely able to host the Khmer extended family by providing the optimum luxury and comfort up to the top social status level. Villa Queen is outfitted with spacious external and internal areas that are perfectly suitable for all different kind of social activities and Cambodia festivals, stunning enough for the guests to feel high honored or for the residents to feel grand at home.

House Size 12m x 12m

Property Overview


Car ParkingGarden
Non-FloodingOn main road