4 Bed Villa for Sale in Borey Suncity

Borey Suncity

66Floor Area (m²)

Borey Suncity Twin Villa (Type-B)

Borey Suncity's Type B Twin Villa is strategically built with the guarantee of super high quality. This Twin Villa is 3 stories high, with the total living area of 5x15m plus an available front entrance of 5.5m , convenient for parking, and also a back and side patio that equals to1.75 m each.

Property Overview

Property type: VillaProject: Borey SuncityDeveloper: Y-Hua Real Estate CO., LtdProperty ID: 59588
Original ID: Borey Suncity Twin Villa (Type-B)Listed: 2 years agoUpdated: 11 months ago

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