Pov Bopheak Kulen Home

Bakong, Prasat Bakong, Siem Reap

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2021Completion Year

Pov Bopheak Kulen Home

Pov Bopheak Kulen Home is a property development in Prasat Bakong district, the capital of Siem Reap. The development is located in the north out of Siem Reap city as well as the vacation home project for the residents who want to enjoy their retirement. This project is near Kulen mountain, land developments and national road.
Pov Bopheak Kulen Home specifically targets middle-class Cambodians by delivering the quality of the construction and well-designed contemporary within a comfortable way to match up with the needs of the residents.
The development consists of 2 types of properties. There are twin villas and vacation homes, the development of the property is designed to be spacious and modernized for standard living.
Why Pov Bopheak Kulen Home should be your next home investment?
1. Well-experienced developer
2. High return of investment asset
3. Real estate development location
4. Attractive and competitive sale price
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