Seaside resort apartment debut announcement of 17% of annual rental rate, the highest investment return in Cambodia

April 13, 2019, 3:24 p.m.


Where there is a flux of hot money, there is the big hunter for property investment, Charles Xue, who is a Chinese-American entrepreneur and angel investor, better known by his screen name Xue Manzi. He has purchased tens of thousands of acres of land in Sihanoukville of Cambodia, and been initiating a plan to set up a community of holiday-home. Recently, an announcement of his Fund claimed that it will cooperate with Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia to establish the first angel investment fund focused on the Cambodian market, the China-Cambodia Manzi Fund, which is directly led by Mr.Xue.


What is the charm of Sihanoukville that attracted such a big shot on investment?


(Mr.Xue, the senior in the middle, visits Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia)


In Mr.Xue’s own words, “I have traveled almost all over Southeast Asia in three years, including Japan, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. After comparison, we realized that Cambodia’s GDP has grown by more than 7% for many years. Not only in Southeast Asia, it is extremely rare even worldwide. And our most optimistic expectation has focused on the Sihanoukville of Cambodia, which has a huge demand that has not yet been met and all the investment advantages we can foresee."



Sihanoukville, located on the southwestern coastline of Cambodia, is the largest seaport in the country, whose cargo throughput accounts more than 70% of the country. It is currently the only special economic zone in Cambodia and a bridgehead for China's “Belt and Road”. This coastal city is one of the most popular tourist destination of the Kingdom, thanks to its beaches of white sand and crystal-like water. Certainly, its unabated popularity of the tourism industry has increased apartment demand of Sihanoukville that greatly dwarfs the shorter supply. Therefore, house prices continue to soar. In addition, the thriving gaming industry and casinos have also created more investment opportunities in the city.


Now here comes the Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre by Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia, offering the highest annual rental income in Cambodia, a return rate up to 17%!



Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre by the Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia, is a Five-star plus luxury hotel apartment including luxury casinos, entertainment centers, stylish restaurants, sky swimming pools, high-end gyms and duty-free shops. The project is located alongside the Victory Beach in Sihanoukville, where the waterfront stretches for 100 meters with pure of white sand, overseeing the clear water and rich hue of sunset.  Victory Beach is regarded as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world by the United Nations. There is no off-season in this place that it attracts a lot of Chinese sea-lovers to come and enjoy the leisureliness all the year.


What’s the potential of this project?





Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre by the Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia is located in the heart of Sihanoukville, which is also the hub of city transportation, tourism, cargo business and administration. And it is believed to become one of the most important landmarks in Sihanoukville.



The project is sitting by the intersection of National Highway No.4 and Huanhai Avenue, with convenient access to travel around the city or in and out. National Highway No.4 is one of the most important roads in Sihanoukville. The Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway, which has already started to construct, is running along Highway 4. And the circle of the Seaside Avenue connects to different parts of the city.  



Staying at the Seaside resort, just 200 meters west to the Victory Pier, means that you can easily sail out to enjoy a time of serenity on board.



While it is 500 meters to the south of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port and 300 meters to the north of Provincial building, the residence is close to commodity trading and logistics companies or government agencies.




Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre by the Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia combines tourism, dining, shopping, leisure and administrative functions. It is close to Victory Beach, Independence Park, Provincial Government, National Treasury, Japanese restaurant, Bo Kee Restaurant, Victory Pier, Fisherman's Wharf, ABA Bank, gas station, Garage Bar, Night Market, Seafood Market and so on. And many more facilities for living are just 500 meters away!



At the same time, the residence is a home to a series of facilities including luxury shopping mall, entertainment center, stylish restaurants, sky swimming pool, high-end gym and duty-free shops and other business venues, provides quality services to create an exclusive social and business integrated lifestyle for their elites.



Details of the development

Developer: Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia

Project address: Eklahoma Street, Victory Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Total project construction: 93,769 sqm, includes 76,227 sqm for sale and 15,525 sqm of commercial area

Number of apartments: 1619 units, of which net area rate is 77.5%

Decoration: exquisite decorated areas ranging 30-70 sqm

Property service fee: $1/sqm

Architectural style: modern simplism style

Building block 1: 22-storey and 85-meter, Floor 1-4 are commercial, Floor 5-21 are 544 apartments in total, with 32 units on each floor

Building block 2: 29-storey and 98-meter, Floor 1-4 are commercial, Floor 5-29 are apartments in a total of 1075 units, with 43 units on each floor


Two of blocks of the building will host 1,619 units of Five-star plus hotel-apartments exquisitely decorated and installed with a grand size of windpane in 2.2m * 3.6m, which introduces an ultimate panorama of seascape.

The apartment is equipped with an all-angle, high-end and smart indoor alarm system for anti-intrusion and face-recognition security system at entrance to ensure the privacy and safety for every occupant. More than this, the rooms of each apartment also have smart air-conditioning system to temper your indoor climate that creates breezy and comfortable experiences days and nights at your Five-star hotel-home.

Seaside resort chooses the international high-end agent to provide 24-hour intimate butler service, dedicated to the concept of “the strongest privacy, the highest security and the best management”.


Highlights of this development


Strata titles to this property are able to be inherited by the descendants, and the properties can be bought by a foreigner. Non inheritance tax.

Annual rental income can be as high as 17%



Charter of lease in minimal term of 10 years on annual rental yield is between 12-17%.



Delivered in fully decoration, worry-free for procurement or decoration, is a big saving on time and efforts.



Five-star hotel apartment operations and services provide property owners with one-stop housekeeping, escrow and finance settlement.



Owning a property in Cambodia means you are having an asset in US dollar. Because Cambodia is the only dollar-denominated country in Southeast Asia so far, with no foreign exchange controls or exchange risk but stable currency system.



On the other hand, Cambodia is a Non-CRS member states, known as “Little Switzerland in the East”, seems a safe haven oversea for high net worth individuals.



Only once in a lifetime

In the coming future, a new development occupied an excellent seascape will be impossible when the Cambodian government has stopped approving constructions within 100 meters from the coastline as an implementation of Cambodian national tourism new strategy. Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre is definitely a germ of investment in Sihanoukville.


As a shining pearl in Cambodia, the development of Sihanoukville is limitless. With long and beautiful beach of white sand short in reach, Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre is taking in all of the possibilities to become a investment with stable, fast and highly rewards, the best investment in Southeast Asia!


Seaside resort apartment·Hebei Finance Centre by the Goddess Of Liberty Group Of Cambodia is offering all that an investor would want:

Stunning seaside apartment small investment in about 90,000 usd with permanent ownership but coming with a big return up to annual rate of 17%.


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